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Thanks to WarCry and its staffers. I do hope that people are more aware of WarCry and other, smaller fansites that aren't run by giant wow gold  gold-selling corporations. Support the people who love this game, not the people who get rich over it! The WarCry staff is awesome and I'm glad to be a part of it--thanks to Teleios, Andraste, Slycne, Araman, and Azhrarn, for various reasons. You guys are the best. Seriously, you really are. Not just because I wouldn't have been able to test BC without you guys, just in general. My awesome pales in comparison to your awesome.




Moving into real life, thanks to Jordan and Richard for letting me play TBC on their computers instead of my crappy laptop. Thanks to Gus and Nick for letting me set up shop in their dorm room without (much) complaint. Thanks to   cheap wow gold  Alex H, Viraj, Jon, Brianni, and the Maxes for being... well, for being themselves.


Thanks to Ahrim, Arc, Drallen, Fenirz, Lelayne, Faxmonkeey, Nine, Oprahwinfrey, Pug, Pestilence, Nooblar, Shantar, Ynuriel, and Zombaar all on beta for being awesome and helping me out when I needed it. I know I've forgotten some of you, and I'm sorry! Thanks also to [Shadow Syndicate] on Mug'Thol for being a quirky if welcoming... well, more than a family than a guild.
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