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the blood elves learned a temporary

However on azeroth blood elf but from hill tile Lawrence's popular the leadership of the forsaken relations department very closely. Hill tile Nancy was in silvermoon city ranger general, until arthas killed her put her into the succubus, forcing her authority. The queen said she is still defend quil salas one of the most important part, and she also repeatedly to the blood elves materials and military support. So far, the blood elves are still in fear and trembling, suspicion of, maybe wow gold kaufen a long war changed their character, perhaps they difficult to completely change their tribal prejudice. But no matter what, they still declined the hill's tile, provide some help, especially including let amnesic troops into the blood elves territory. And when be outnumbered blood elf in the face of the enemy at the gate of the scourge, they realized that will face the danger of siege, and seemingly no one would again for the waste of quil salas and war. Obviously in alliance for either trips outland blood elf or stay in azeroth against the scourge of the blood elves, would not lend a helping hand. Have the breakdown of the still linger the high elves do not trust, and union think the blood elves have more can't believe. Especially the night elf to the blood elves performance from revolutionary hate: for the night elf speaking, octyl much thunder means that disgusting despair crazy and magic of addiction. Face a dilemma situation, there is no it choose the blood elves situationwow gold seems more and more necessary and possibility, and tribal knot to alliance. Kyle SARS of falling In illidan's help, the blood elves learned a temporary relief to the addiction, the methods of extraction others of magical energy. Kyle SARS and illidan in many of the enemy in the process, also more and more dependent on the demons of the burning legion of the manipulation of the dark forces. So, kyle gaza Lawrence ZhuRiZhe no longer content to act as illidan hand. He betrayed illidan, in collaboration with the leader of the burning legion kj yells, in the implementation of the tempest keep his evil plan.
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