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Coupling treatment: treatment effect

As a result, he held the grudge in his heart because of his black equipment intention couldn't be satisfied. Process: after 1 months of this issue, the warrior is named Red Metal, who spread rumors in trade channel. He was forced to quit the guild because during RAID, he asked all equipment. After he had all equipment, he didn't get online or change little number. Result: after he was kicked out from our guild, no guild would like to accept him, so he gave off his hate into the game and makes false pictures and rumors on the website. Priest General skills: I am a player after Tbc, before I came to the Isle of Quel'Danas which can be alos referred to new Island, I had never seen such a large-scale wild melee of the Alliance and Horde. On the new island which just open in 2. 4, there are only one house in the Citadel of broken setting sun, and there were only two tasks. Most players will choose to do the daily task to help NPC to occupy the new island. Because there were still many people in our server, there were two more houses opened on the third morning, and the daily task was also increased. But the reason I obsess to the Isle of Quel'Danas is not the daily tasks which might offer some WOW gold to the players, but can fight with large number of alliances. Coupling treatment: treatment effect reduces 30%. Fast treatment: treatment effect reduces 30%. Power word: shield: absorbed does reduces 30%. Thief General skills: Kick: no longer consume energy. Shaman: Strengthen: Mental agility: now it makes shock mage's magic consumption reduces 90%. Warlock: T15 2 suits: no long increases trigger night's rate, but it makes haunt's last time extends 2 seconds. 4 suits: now it makes your magic's wrath of the devil increases 10%, not only shadow bolt and soul fire. Warrior General skills Back hand: it makes 55% hurt now. Talent Bladestorm: no longer be disarmed.
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