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Is a red dragon. arthas Alsace is Terenas, (Terenas) the king only son, he is a ideal but very thoughtless young man, like his father's dream that become Lordaeron (Lordaeron) the owner of the mainland The setting of the season to the introduction of new arena rewards. As the game copy and team content updates, new powerful items will appear constantly; The game designer can use the arena season, for arena PvP system add new reward, so as to make the two aspects of the game content to achieve balance. PVP the honor system 1. Honor points to obtain There are four kinds of gain honor points of ways: Complete honor struck Struck race leader Complete battlefield task Complete the world PvP task Honorable kill: kill level with similar role be held to honor struck. That is to kill the role of color name (green or red), kill the role of the dying embers name not decision to honor struck. The following factors will influence the honorable kill honor point number: Opponent's level: kill a sixty level role honor points than kill a fifty level role. Kill the role of the dying embers name can't get honor points. Players own level: a sixty level role kill another sixty level role honor points to more than one role and level to kill another forty level role. Repeat struck: now repeat struck the same person several times, get glory value will not decline. Team or group: and gain experience rules, team or group, all members will divide the team to honor points. But the group experience punishment does not apply to the honor system. Low-level players get honor points less than senior players. Experience and distribution rules, leave or legion far players not to honor points.
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